Calvary, the Empty Tomb, Temple Mount, and the Holocaust Museum

We began our day on Temple Mount, where we got a great perspective of the layout of the courtyards of the Temple, the location of the altar, and the entrance to the Sanctuary of the Temple. Our group was able to view the Eastern Gate from inside the city walls, where Jesus will enter and cleanse the Temple at the Second Coming.

We were guided through the Old City Jerusalem to the Pools of Bethesda (John 5), then we went outside the city walls on the north side to Calvary and the Empty Tomb. Pastor Tim Ruhl, GSBC professor, preached a powerful message on “The Last Twenty-Four Hours of Jesus’ Life,” giving us an amazing description of what happened in this place during the week that changed the world.

We finished our day by visiting the Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem. Today was definitely our group’s most emotional day, as we were moved to tears at the sites we visited. We each experienced things today that we will never forget.

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